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Tinnitus Remedies and Relief

September 17, 2013 / by Admin

Tinnitus is a frustrating health condition in which the sufferer perceives a constant or intermittent imaginary ringing sound in one or both ears or also in the head. Though in most cases it is characterized by a ringing sound, it may also cause a more disturbing sound in some cases like a constant whining, buzzing, roaring or whistling sound. This condition may sometimes result in loss of hearing. The loss in hearing usually occurs due to the patient not being able to hear outside sounds that are of a similar frequency to the imaginary sound they hear.

Tinnitus may be classified into objective tinnitus and subjective tinnitus. In case of objective tinnitus, the clinician can also hear the sound heard by the patient when he observes carefully. This is mainly caused by muscle spasms or upsurge in blood flow or turbulence near the patient’s ear. Subjective tinnitus is more common and is usually referred to as tinnitus. Subjective tinnitus is mostly the result of exposure to loud noises and sounds of very high intensity. This may also be caused due to some medications like aspirin and diuretics taken in high doses. Some other causes of tinnitus are blockage in the ears, medical disorders like acoustic neuroma, healing loss caused due to changes in structure of the inner ear in old age and damage of the inner ear cell.

Tinnitus remedies range from home remedies to surgical treatments and these can be applied only after a proper diagnosis. In some cases the condition cannot be cured completely but a relief in the symptoms can be seen to a large extent. Some of the remedies that are useful in dealing with the condition are:

• Reduction of stress – Stress is known to worsen the symptoms of tinnitus. Thus proper stress management can help keeping the symptoms under control

• The use of white noise – Any smooth noise in the background like slow and nice music and the sound of a fan can blend with the phantom noise of tinnitus and cause a reduction of its effect. An audiologist can help to tailor the sound into the frequency that will best help the patient.

• Protection from loud noises – It is advisable to protect the ears from exposure to loud noises like clubs and discos by the use of ear plugs. This not only reduces the symptoms but also prevents the onset of tinnitus in people.

• Removal of earwax – If tinnitus is caused by the buildup of earwax, removal of earwax can help to reduce its symptoms.

• Selective use of drugs, vitamins and herbs – Some drugs and herbs may reduce the symptoms and others may aggravate them. So a practitioner needs to be consulted regarding which ones to have or avoid.

Apart from these, tinnitus relief can also be seen by use of alternative treatments like hypnotherapy which is available at Surgical methods may also be followed though they are outdated now.


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